Faced with growing entrepreneurial activity and need, the Colombian government has had to find a more effective and wider reaching plan. According to Sergio Zuluaga, director of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism responsible for promoting entrepreneurship in the country the government recently decided to change its approach, choosing one where it takes into account the entrepreneurship ecosystem as a whole, focusing both on the different types of new business and on the institutions that are part of this ecosystem. Has a lot of types of entrepreneurs and institutions, and we need to develop precise and tailor made instruments, strategies and policies for each one of them, Zuluaga stated..

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Simple business plans are cheap jerseys what he thinks will help to navigate through the shaky economy. “Business owners need to be realistic with where things really are: track what you are selling, pay attention to trends in your business, don’t assume that things are going to change for the positive,” he said. “If it is not viable anymore, you are better off to cut the losses.”.

Faisal bin Ali Jaber still has a hard time even talking about the drone strike in Yemen in 2012 that killed his brother in law and his nephew. By all accounts, both were innocent civilians who had nothing to do with terror. District Court, where he asking three appellate judges to rule there are limits to the president power to order drone strikes that kill innocent bystanders.