Race Info

To compete in WestMet you need to register on the day.

On each Saturday afternoon, the first event is the shorter (1.5k-3k) and begins at 2pm. The medium distance event (3k-5k) begins at 2:25pm while the longer distance (7k-12k) will begin at 3pm. When entering at the start of the season, runners should indicate which division (short, medium, or long) that they wish to score points for. Runners can race in any or all of the events, although only the nominated event counts towards points.

Age Divisions

Competition age is the age the runner will be at 31st December 2011 for the purpose of points scoring. Divisions are:

  • Under 10s
  • Under 12s
  • Under 14s
  • Under 16s
  • Under 20s
  • Seniors 20-29
  • Pre-vets 30-39
  • Masters 40+ in 5-year age groups

There is no minimum age. Parents should consider their children’s age and readiness to compete.

Point Scores and Awards

To be eligible for awards, competitors must have finished in at least 8 afternoons in their age division. The main objective of the West Met Series is to encourage as large as possible participation, to enjoy winter competition for serious championship aspirants and to encourage track competitors to use the events as conditioning for the summer season. If good fellow and friendship can be formed by this regular competition then the desired achievement will be fulfilled. A competitor may run more than one event on an afternoon but can only nominate only one event to score points from.

Points will be awarded for places based on the actual times in each of the events in the nominated division as follows: 1st=10 points, 2nd=9 points down to 9th= 2 points. All other runners receive 1 point.